Muyid Consultancy Limited (UK & Nigeria) is owned and managed by highly qualified professional consultants, system engineers/developers and specialists with several years of training and experience in the Europe and Nigeria.

Through a unique combination of skills and experience, we are able to offer services ranging from consultancy to turn-key project implementation.

The company recognizes and caters for the special needs of customers in various industry sectors such as banking, oil and gas, manufacturing and public utilities.

With our extensive experience and coupled with the in-depth understanding of the local environment, we guarantee our customers:

  • Services and solutions that meet their needs
  • Services and solutions that is pertinent to their environment
  • Permanent presence with guarantee of continuity of service
  • On-the-spot assistance in the event of sudden or unexpected problems
  • Ensuring that solutions offered and implemented is right for you and not what others are doing
  • Ensure that you only spend what is necessary rather than offering solutions that is not fit for your organisations purpose

 We have access to the specialized skills of leading experts in several countries to enhance our capabilities and to supplement our resources as may be required by our customers' needs.

In line with this objective, we have partnered with many third party providers such as Microsoft, Oracle, HP, DELL, IBM, Symantec to name a few. It is noteworthy that our technical staff would pioneer efficient data communications designs in UK and Nigeria within the next few months and we have been actively involved in the establishment of data network solutions for several organizations in Europe and Africa.

In our few years of providing services to customers, we have not only accumulated a wealth of experience but also have established a high standard of professionalism, which has contributed to the company's success.